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This year, bake the most admired and in-demand cookies at the cookie exchange with this beautiful, digital Christmas cookie cookbook.  AND bake them in record-time.  

Spiff Up Your Cookie platter This Year with some new Christmas cookies.

  • ​You yearn for something new...
  • ​You spend hours combing through cookie cookbooks...
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End the Struggle. Make Beautiful Cookies Every Time!  

The SECRET to making all those cookies (18 different kinds) in just three baking sessions?  I organize the baking order in a specific way, and I always, always use parchment paper. Why?  Because then you don't have to wash those cookie sheets in between batches!  I know it sounds stupid but you'd be surprised at how much time this saves.  I have more "secrets" like this in my full cookie cookbook ebook.

The tradition started with mom...
My mother is one of the most talented and capable people I know.  Born and raised in Morocco of French parents, she brings a certain flair to everything.
Leaving home at the age of 19 to marry my father and come to America, my mother had to build her home-maker skills alone... on top of learning to speak English.
My mother collected these recipes over the years, starting back in the mid-1960's.  She'd test them to make sure they were "worthy" of her name.

I started baking with my mother early on, and I can't remember NOT baking with her.  I learned to make these recipes from her.  She kept a close eye on the output as a "sloppy" cookie must be re-done. [and she was right to insist!]

One of my favorite quotes from my mother is "If you can read, you can cook; if you can read, you can sew."  These are words I've lived my life by!  

I cherish the time I spent with my mom, baking cookies together.

  Thanks to Mom

And Continues Through Me....

First, my name isn't Martha, it's Kate.  But I admire Martha (we all know who she is), and have been nicknamed "The Other Martha."
In addition to the inspiration and encouragement from my mother, I have always been drawn to the talents of the one-and-only Martha Stewart.
Since I grew up hearing "If you can read, you can cook!" I just always grabbed a book and figured things out AND did them well [because the French set a high bar when it comes to making things look beautiful.]  As my talents became apparent, my friends who nicknamed me "The Other Martha."  And that's how it started.

I've taken the beautiful tradition of baking Christmas cookies with my mom, and shared it with my children, and together we've compiled the most sought-after platter at the cookie exchange! 

Through Baking, Beautiful Family Memories are built... 
and last long after the cookies are gone...
We Cherish Our simple & loving memories forever
Gorgeous Christmas Cookies
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Never be confused again -- this baking weights & measures conversion chart will help you easily translate between: pounds, ounces, cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, grams, millileters, pints, quarters & gallons!
Nº 02                    RESOURCE LIST
Need baking tools?  Use this handy resource list to find what you need quickly and easily.   Easily find what you need to get the job done.

Missing a key ingredient?  Use this list of suitable substitutions to continue with your recipe without having to run to the store.

Nº 04                   TIPS & TRICKS
Benefit from 3-generations of baking expertise with this handy list of tips & tricks to make your baking projects always successful.

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frequently asked questions
frequently asked questions
YES.  If you have any allergies to eggs, dairy, nuts, butter, flour, chocolate - basically any or all of these baking ingredients, you should not eat the cookies made with these recipes.  Many of these recipes contain ground nuts.
I have made these recipes using all butter, all margarine, and also half butter and half margarine.  I have never used lard or crisco, so I suggest testing a 1/4 recipe first before rolling out with the whole recipe unless you have specific experience using lard or crisco and trust your judgement on it's performance in these recipes.
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The e-book contains 18 individual recipes, but if you join the facebook group you'll get any and all new recipes that are added for FREE.
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The e-book cookbook currently contains just Christmas Cookies, but some of the bonus material includes other specialty cookies!
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